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January 11, 2006

One Week’s Beachhead

Filed under: P&B Blog — Fuguerre @ 10:04 pm

Only one hectic week ago did I learn of the opportunity to host my central blogging efforts here at WordPress. And since I’m truly doing this primarily to help keep track of developments for my own purposes, rather than to gather any particular audience, we can measure that week in terms of the immense help this tool has been to my own interests during that time, rather than in terms of the emptiness of any stadium it might seem I’ve begun building.

No regrets at all over having departed from the occasional notes I had been keeping over at LiveJournal. While LJ feels more powerful in many respects, I cannot in any sincerity recommend it for serious Internet journalling. Even if I never advance to testing the muscle of WP, a mere week of heavy use of its basic service has been all I require to feel quite comfortable giving WordPress a hearty recommendation for professional web writing.

That said, I’ve already reached out from here to coordinate my WP blogging with some of my related Internet interests and activities elsewhere, including blogreading at Bloglines, links to specific pages at Furl, and a few other bits and pieces.  I continue to search for a suitable Internet calendar tool, and there remain several other extensions I have in mind. Watch for my one-month mark to find me already turning back to this collection as a primary resource for sorting things out and helping me put my fingers back on things I’ve been through.

Thanks again to WordPress! I’ve needed this so badly for so very long!


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