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February 3, 2006

San Diego Mayor Wants Voter Approval of Future PERS Improvements

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Mayor Sanders also believes that the voter should be able to make an informed decision and that’s why he is including a requirement that an actuarial study be part of the ballot pamphlet.

Another round in the saga of pension difficulties facing the City of San Diego, where retirement benefit increases for city workers are being blamed for the city budget’s $1.4 billion deficit and six former trustees of the pension system are standing trial for alleged conflicts of interest in connection with the benefit boosts: San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has proposed a ballot measure that would require voter approval for any future pension benefit increases for city employees. [Fact Sheet, 2/2/05]

  • City officials would still be able to negotiate tentative retirement benefit changes with employee organizations, but increases would not be binding until approved by voters.
  • Any proposed change to employee retiree benefits – other than those resulting in an increase in benefit – would require approval of a majority of the current members of the system.
  • Any proposed change that would affect the vested benefits of retired members must be approved by a majority of the affected retirees.
  • When a proposed benefit increase is place on the ballot for voter approval, an actuarial study of cost or savings associated with the proposed change must be published in the ballot pamphlet.
  • Any increase in pension benefits would require approval by a majority of voters.

No indication yet as to whether there will be a “plain English” requirement for that actuarial report.

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