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February 21, 2006


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Been a while since I posted about blogging itself, instead of skating around through recent traffic on pensions, benefits, and compensation. WordPress hiccups force me to take a little break.

Whenever I try to edit and save a page, such as Web Resources (the one currently listed under the “Zoo,” not the fake one I can’t get rid of currently listed above the “Zoo”), WordPress is re-saving the page as a blog posting. This is the sort of disruption that forced me against use of various other blogging tools I tried before coming over to WordPress, the same sort of disruption that finally compelled me to leave Internet Explorer in the ditch it kept throwing my work, the same sort of disruption that I have not had the patience to throw good time after on so many other software efforts that don’t seem to care to beta-test before throwing an update onto a user. If WordPress can’t keep an even keel to its service, I’ll be back out on the street, hunting again.

Meanwhile, I need to change the name of this effort already. I was never all that happy with “BeneBlog” to begin with, but that sort of creativity is not where my talents shine most, so I’d just grabbed something short and sweet. Seems there’s been a BeneBlog for several years already, not on pensions or employee benefits, and they haven’t found me yet to the best of my knowledge, although it’s inevitable that we’d bump heads if I don’t change mine. Only, so far nothing else appeals to me.

And I’m closing out one sidebar I’d been keeping for simple news tracking. Microsoft has already stolen too much productivity from me; I’ll just find some other place to keep news clippings.

I need a good court decision to sink my teeth into. Blogging today has felt too much like two steps back for each step forward. I’m leaning on blogging and associated web tools to enhance my touch with current traffic in my practice, not to drag me down from what I could just as easily do on my own.


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