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February 25, 2006

Remedial Amendments for Weblog Errors

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Not making the error in the first place means it doesn’t have to be corrected.

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Applied to pension plan documents, my practice gags at that heresy! No matter how perfect the design, no matter how careful the language, there’s always need for one more plan amendment, isn’t there?

Says something, maybe, maybe not, about the distinctions between the professional style we adopt for the formalities, versus blogging style still in its early stages of evolution. Hell, is there even a blog equivalent to the authoritative Web Style Guide out there yet? Aren’t we all pretty much adopting our own journalistic standards, be it style or procedure or content, partly reflecting our own professional rituals, but with some vague new age blogfog making everything a little fuzzy?

So then, what to do with blogging errors? An actuarial blogger might pull the blogging equivalent of a reversion without blowing everything away on excise taxes, that being one acceptable way of dealing with actuarial error. As for this scrivener, from start to bitterest end, this weblog will remain primarily my own personal record, for my own purposes, to keep my own track of where I’ve been and where I’m going. I know I have others who will read over my shoulder from time to time, but if they overhear me reading out loud, I can’t be defending myself for mispronouncing some word I was only trying out for myself. Besides, as I probably ought disclaim more religiously and frequently (if that’s not too redundant), none of the traffic here is intended nor should ever be used for professional reliance.

That said, I’m sufficiently perfectionist that I can’t bear not to find any error in anything I’ve previously committed to print, much less bear to leave it imperfect once I’ve discovered any particular weakness. So were I to be left entirely to my own preferences, I’d continuously tweak postings back through the entire stream. Somewhere between revising it so much that the RSS feeds are bloated with repetition and leaving an obvious error or obsolete portion intact must be some balance that even this fresh medium ought be able to wear comfortably. Even this will be amended and extended as I proceed, but for now —

  • Simple Errata – Misspellings, grammatical mistakes, and the like, I’ll make every attempt to catch before or within the first 24 hours after posting. Apologies if tweaking within that period duplicates an RSS feed, but I’m not going to bother pointing out where any simple correction is made. And beyond 24 hours after a posting, just excuse any simple errata, as I won’t bother with it past then.
  • Broken Links – Sites like the CMS don’t seem to understand that web surfers don’t appreciate relearning navigation every other month and certainly can’t trust a link farther than one can throw a byte. But I won’t revise an entire entry just to update a link, rather will pop a comment to the entry to give the latest place the nomad target feels like casting its tent.
  • Updates – Simple updates I’ll also pass through comments to entries; in due course, as my portfolio of content grows, there may be many days when I post more through comments than through main entries, so would suggest that any reader syndicating this weblog consider picking up the comment rss feed along with the main feed. On major updates, where the new information deserves an entire posting in its own right, I’ll include a link to the previous posting, which will add a comment under the earlier entry, hopefully keeping everything closely enough coordinated.
  • Major Errors and Obsolescence – If I ever discover a major substantive error in an entry, or if new information completely reverses or obsoletes earlier posting, not only will I post a new entry identifying the error or update, but will not leave the previous entry dangerously intact. In revising the earlier entry, I will clearly identify the changed text, without deleting the original version (which I’ll typically switch to strikeout text).

* * * * * Practice of perfection makes perfect practice. * * * * *

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  1. I thought the world of blogs was self-correcting, so it didn’t matter how many errors you made. But it sounds like you’ve designed your own quite sensible BlogCRS.

    Comment by JHM — February 27, 2006 @ 1:14 pm

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