Blogging Employee Benefits

November 1, 2006

By Any Other Name

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This is not the first time I’ve amended the title of my pensions and benefits weblogging. Except whereas my previous change came on the heels of discovering a non-EB blog that had already been using the name I’d originally given this effort, this time I’m risking blurring lines with one of the best teams in my own field, the new Pension & Benefits Blog recently launched by BNA’s Pension & Benefits Advisory Board, a veritable who’s who of the industry.

Although I’m not a BNA subscriber myself, who with any pension or benefits experience at all is ignorant of the subscription service Pension & Benefits Reporter, along with its companion Pension & Benefits Daily? So even before BNA’s new blog, I was not at all comfortable with the replacement name I’d settled on as a temporary placeholder here. But now that BNA’s brought us this new blog – and a great one at that – it’s simply too inappropriate for me to carry on calling this what I’d been calling it. More than once now, and in more than one place, I’ve seen the names of our respective efforts unnecessarily confused.

And yes, despite researching this all yet again for the past several weeks since BNA’s blog was launched, somehow I do suspect that it’s a matter of time before I feel compelled to rename this yet again. Out of several dozen alternatives I won’t bother reciting here, at first I began settling on the simpler “Blogging Benefits,” but there are already too many articles where that title seems more connected with the concept of the advantages, usually to a business enterprise, of maintaining a blog (which I imagine BNA themselves might already be tuning into). As I suggested before, I’m a whole lot more creative with QDRO design than I am with weblog titles. But such as it is and for what it’s worth, from here on through to the next name, we’re “Blogging Employee Benefits.”


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