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February 10, 2006

Shortage Of Actuaries May Stall Pension Reforms

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Momentary diversion from the Daily Independent. (But I’m curious: exactly what kind of “survey” did it take to count to three?)


January 24, 2006

Social Security Agreement Between U.S. and Japan

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An agreement coordinating the U.S. and Japanese social security programs went into force on October 1, 2005, according to a notice from the Social Security Administration. [71 FR 3913; Totalization Agreement with Japan; U.S.-Japan Social Security Agreement] Under the agreement, an employee in one of the countries who is sent to work in the other country for no more than 5 years will remain covered only by the social security system of the sending country. Additional rules under the agreement eliminate dual social insurance coverage in other work situations, such as those encountered by self-employed individuals. The agreement also addresses situations where workers lose social security benefit rights by dividing their careers between the two countries.

The agreement does not cover Medicare benefits.

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